Passing Shot: Azealia Banks


New York City was a blur of polarizing Puerto Rican & Dominican grilled chicken, heavenly Tiki hip-hop and Harlem history lessons, courtesy of a certain Azealia Banks. When not paving her own path to super-stardom, Azealia can be found horsing around the bodega, surrounded by swarms of wolf-whistling onlookers, knee deep in a (sometime one-sided) discussion of early house, whose sparse beats backdrop her particular brand of filthy rhyme. It’s hard to tell if she is profound or just profane, but there is no certainly no doubting her cleverness or cultural relevance. While standout tune 212 is slightly more difficult to track down at the moment, thanks to an issue with her use of a Lazy Jay beat, these two older tracks are free and available for your consumption. Enjoy the video, as well as the rest of the photos, which can be found after the jump. 

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Beth Jeans Houghton - “Dodecahedron”

Not quite on topic for No Words, but a lovely tune. Beth is poised to take over.


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